The Home Is Now A School!

On Home Schooling, Caring and Sharing (An Interview with Arielaonthego)

Late from other Asian countries, the Philippines has just opened its classes on October 5, 2020 in time for the celebration of the World Teachers’ Day. This is due to the oppositions citing that the Department of Education (DepEd) seems not ready for the classes during this pandemic.

DepEd introduced several modalities for the learners, dropping the traditional ‘face-to-face’ modality in fear of the spread of the COVID-19 disease in the schools.  Majority of the learners opted for modular distance learning modality, some mentioned about home schooling.

The new norm makes the home a school!

In our country, home schooling is not a top choice by many parents before the pandemic. But during this much trying time, many consider this type of learning modality. Fortunately, I was able to interview, Ariela, a beautiful young girl, her mother is a Filipina, she has been home schooled ever since.

I also knew from her that her family sustains support to food banks which is a great help to others in need during this pandemic.

First off, let’s get to know about Ariela and her views on home schooling. Check out her blog at arielaonthego for more details about her support to Food Bank experience.

1. Please tell us briefly about yourself.

My name is Ariela, I am half Filipino and half Canadian. I love to read books like How to Train Your Dragon, and Harry Potter! My name means lioness of God and I’m also very crazy BTW!

2.     You’ve been home schooled ever since, can you share your insights about this?

Well, I like that I don’t have to get up early in the morning, and I finish at least an hour earlier than the kids who go to school.

3.     What do you think are the benefits of home schooling to you?

I think I learn more because there are no other kids for my mom to focus on, and I like homeschooling better because there are no bullies around.

4.     Do you think of any disadvantages of home schooling?

Not really, there’s no everyday socialization, but I belong to a home school group. We go to field trips together. Other than that, tt’s all good! 

5.     What do you think are your parents’ reasons to decide for home schooling?

My parents love to travel, specifically my Dad. This is why, homeschooling is the best way for me so we can take vacations anytime during the school year.

Food Bank Fundraiser

6.     You mentioned about your family’s efforts in raising funds for Food Banks, please tell us more about this.

We are actually going on a coast to coast Canada road trip! This will be a looooong trip because Canada is the second largest country in the world! It will be from east to west.

7.     Since when did you start supporting food banks, and why?

My parents have been supporting the food bank for as long as I can remember. They know that there’s a need for supporting the food bank. Before COVID-19 hit, I volunteered at our local Food Bank. This year they are not allowing school-aged children to help. There was a breakfast program in our town for all the kids who were not able to eat breakfast before going to school.

8.     Do you see yourself sustaining your family’s support to Food Banks in the future?

Yes! When I start to make my own money, I will give as much as I can to the food bank. My father’s business is an active supporter of the Food Bank.

9.     You’ll be touring Canada in the coming days, how do you plan to mobilize funds?

We will fund our own trip, plus we have a few sponsors. On all my posts there will be a donate button link to the Food Bank’s website. The list of our sponsors is listed on my website.

As they say, people will forget what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

10.  Please share about your ultimate dream.

I would like to be the youngest person to travel every country, and I would also like to be an actress someday!

Ariela reading her favorite book

Thank you so much, Ariela for helping me to get better understanding of home schooling! Thank you so much for being kind and always on the go in helping other people in need! The world is a much better place because of people like you and your family!

With this pandemic around, the safest for the kids to learn is at home. However, if you’re a parent who’s working at home, you have to manage your time well to be able to provide support to your children at the same time carry-out your tasks as an employee. This is no easy task but it’s worth it, as you’ll have more time with the kids at home.

When I’m in a very difficult situation, I would think that there’s always a solution to a problem.

The problem may influence our thoughts and emotions, temporarily. As for me, I don’t want it to win over me. I would like to emerge successful from conquering a complicated situation. If the time calls for a different strategy on learning, so be it. I’d like to embrace the new normal.

For more details of her journey and the food banks, follow her on Youtube and Instagram @ arielaonthego or check this link,

For clarification on distance learning and home schooling:

Distance learning refers to a learning delivery modality where a learner is given materials or access to resources and he/she undertakes a self-directed study at home or in another venue. Learners engage in independent learning at home or in any physical learning space applicable, by using learning materials that are accessible either online, stored in CD/DVD/USB flash drive, or in printed form, or by viewing TV lessons or listening to radio-based instruction while being geographically distant from the teacher.

This modality has been used ever since for our Alternative Learning System (ALS) to make education accessible to our school drop outs, out-of-school children and youth.

Home schooling refers to an alternative learning delivery mode (ADM) that provides learners with access to formal education while staying in an out-of-school environment, with parents, guardians, or tutors as authorized facilitators instead of classroom teachers. This does not preclude going to school on specific periods to develop learning competencies that require the use of laboratory, equipment, and others.


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48 thoughts on “The Home Is Now A School!

  1. Hello, Tin. How lovely to see Ariela here. She was kind enough to introduce herself recently and I have been looking out for her. What a brilliant and diligent person she is. I wish her well.

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      1. Love food banks. I’ve been on an anti-food waste campaign for the past three years, and on my last overseas work trip, it was part of my rider. My hosts had to show that none of the food prepared for my group was wasted. Even got followup reports when I got home. Every little bit we can do counts.

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  2. Home learning means making brainpage at home from book to brain knowledge transfer. Brainpage development is the essential part of student’s life to secure excellent performance in the exams.

    Thanks for good writing!
    Be happy and stay safe.
    Happiness Classroom

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  3. Thanks for an amazing and encouraging article. After teaching for over two decades, we decided to partially retire until excellence and pride in America returns, which we are seeing some progress, but more so that school choice becomes the norm. Throughout the career, we always worked to get kids thinking for themselves, supplementing the curriculum with real-life lessons and projects, encouraging the kids to dream and be led by their own motivations. Self-motivation is a great teacher. Kudos to you and your family.

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    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation and kind words. I really appreciate this and agree on what you said. Teachers facilitate learning but the actualization is on the learner. Regards to you as well and stay safe. As for us in the Philippines, it’s a typhoon season now, so after Typhoon Quinta last week, we’re bracing for another typhoon this weekend and more are seen coming our country the next days…

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  4. Given where public education has gone over the past couple of decades, the path to success will probably come at home, and there are a growing impact of companies creating software and programs far better than what has been for many years. Parents can also get together, bringing their children together, so that they can socialize and learn together.

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