Mayon Volcano in Bicol Region

The Home Is Now A School!

The new norm makes the home a school. Ariela who’s been home schooled ever since, shared her fresh insights about it. Her family’s experience on helping food banks is a beautiful story of caring and sharing during this pandemic.


There’s always a time to refresh, a time to rest after a long flight and a time to fly again. When I count all my reasons to stay well and healthy, I always think of my family and life’s beauty. Nature is happiness.

Boodle Fight!

During this uncertain time, it’s always best to hold true to these values – camaraderie, brotherhood and equality. Boodle Fight, a Filipino tradition of eating using bare hands (kamayan) is a symbol of them, reminding us to always fight for what is good for everyone.

No Retreat, No Surrender

Life is sometimes harsh for some people. But there are those who carry and bear their burdens well, that in the end, they come out victorious from all the struggles they went through. Looking at the photo, against the backdrop of the majestic perfect cone, Mayon Volcano, and all the hardships life has brought forth,…

My Secret Revealed

A full narrative of my proven effective strategy in generating a thousand follows in just a month! If you’re a newbie who likes to elevate your blog and gain more likes and follows, this is for you. If you’re already a professional blogger, you might as well learn a thing or two from this. Visit…

My Real-Life Mona Lisa

I believe, I’ve seen a real-life Mona Lisa. And her smile is so contagious that I keep on smiling even under pressure. I see an inspiring artist, a kindhearted, beautiful woman. Her smile beams like rays of sunlight, shedding hope and love.

Little Surprises

Expanding my circle of friends, not just from work, home or school, but even here at Word press, means so much to me. I always believe that true friends, who’d wish the best things happen for you, come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Pinoys’ Pandemic Comedy

While battling against COVID-19 pandemic, there are a number of programs implemented by the government which caught trending in the social media. It’s only in the Philippines, we say! 🙂

The Underdog Fruit

Of all the fruits, Cotton Fruit or popularly known as Santol in the Philippines is the so-called the Underdog. Even among fruits, there’s a ‘bullying’ that exists. 🙂 Kidding aside, Pinoys would not agree to that. Sinantol or Santol Stew in Coconut Milk is a mouthwatering dish, that will give you a flavorful balance -…

An Ultimate Vegan Dish

It can be an ultimate vegan dish, without the shrimp paste. It’s a favorite dish in Bicol, a daily staple in most households being a very much affordable dish. Try our spicy and creamy Laing – dried shredded taro leaves in coconut milk!


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