A day out when it’s all sunny is a sheer joy especially during this time. After many days of raining, our plants have drunk contentedly, the glorious sun is up and cheering.

So, I sneaked out to see the wondrous gifts of nature. I think they have rested so well due to the pandemic.

A time out from work is a must to freshen up and re-energize. Work and family sometimes become so overwhelming and exhausting. I didn’t notice the days that passed.

On this sunny day, just after the sun rises, we visited Cagsawa Ruins in Daraga, Albay.

Flowers drenched in the morning dew

It was indeed a beautiful morning though the Cagsawa belfry is on renovation. This Cagsawa church was built after 1724 by the Franciscan friars and was administered by Fray Francisco Blanco in the small town of Cagsawa, which is already part of the municipality of Daraga in the province of Albay, now.

Way back in 2006, this area where Cagsawa Ruins is located was devastated by the Lahar Flows during the Typhoon Reming, international name is Durian. Huge boulders ran down from the Volcano that crashed through all the houses along the river and around the Church. Even until now, you can see many boulders by the road to the Cagsawa Ruins.

Looking at the place now, Cagsawa Ruins offers a beautiful restful abode for tired soul. You can go around the ruins for about 15-30 minutes and feast your eyes on the magnificent Mayon Volcano, you can see some indigenous flowers that grow abundantly in the place and the luscious green rice fields that offer us with the nice scent of rural life, of home.

Seated on the bench under a native house there, feeding the fishes in the pond, smelling the scent of the flowers and feeling the cold breeze of the morning air that touch my skin, I feel so alive and blessed. To live and come to enjoy every little gift this life offers is a pleasure, a sheer delight, total happiness. I saw the sun nodding from afar. Smiling brightly to me. 😊  

However tired I am due to the weight I carry every day, reminding myself that it is rather a beautiful life to enjoy is the best cure for me. Nature is happiness.

There’s always a time to refresh, a time to rest after a long flight and a time to fly again.  When I count all my reasons to stay well and healthy, I always think of my family and life’s beauty.  

Stay safe and healthy!


Published by Maria Cristina Gino Baroso

Education advocate and travel lover

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  1. This place is incredibly beautiful!! I so wish to explore the beauty, peace and warmth nature has to offer us but have wait a little while due to the pandemic…Thank you for sharing your experience with us

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