Rising from the Ashes

Maranaos are strong and resilient. They don’t surrender when circumstances are against them. As they move forward after the Marawi Siege in 2017, they found refuge in their weaving skills and creativity. The Langkit, Balud Cloth, and many more, all hand woven, are quality and beautiful products, which Filipinos must be truly proud of.


Amazing Natural Mountain Sculpture

When you see these images naturally carved on a mountain at Talisoy Beach in the Happy Island (Province of Catanduanes) in Bicol, Philippines, your mind will be stilled, your heart will be calmed. It sparks hope that this pandemic will soon be over. A reminder that God is on top of everything!

An Eternal Love – The Legend of Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano is the Philippines’ perfect cone volcano! It’s magnificent and stunning yet equally dangerous especially during eruption. Behind its beauty is a legend of an eternal love between star-crossed lovers, Pagtuga, Panganoron and Magayon. You may get a strategic view including Mt. Masaraga at the Hobbit Hill in Amtic, Ligao City.

Lovin’ Stinky Foods

Dinailan is one of the most stinky foods in Bicol, Philippines, that you would hate it while it’s being cooked but its delicious that you can’t resist. Dinailan is creamy, salty, sour and savory dish usually paired with fried fish and cups of steamed rice. This is a favorite of those who love to go on a picnic.