To School or Not To School?

What would it look like come the opening of classes in August? Education in the New Normal has been a hot topic among parents, like me. Sending our kids to school and enlisting them for school year 2020 to 2021 is scary for some, considering that COVID-19 infection is still on the rise. Are we to take this challenging task to continue our kids’ learning or wait for another school year, when the pandemic is over?


Humor in Pinoy Breads

Bread is a common daily eat in the house, having two kids who by themselves check the fridge or the bread container every time they feel hungry. My daughter’s favorite bread is named Lakas (strong in English). She eats it with so much gusto, loving its sweet milky taste. Lakas is almost similar to theContinue reading “Humor in Pinoy Breads”