The Emerging Paradise of the Pacific

Caramoan, a 2nd class municipality in the Province of Camarines Sur is the so-called Emerging Paradise of the Pacific known for its pink and white beaches. It’s where the Season 26 of Survivor which premiered in February 2013 was shot. This brought the island’s name into international fame. It is also where we discovered an inspiring story of pure determination and perseverance.


The Old and the Past

Our past has shaped our current state. Certainly our future will depend on us and how we value our freedom and democracy. Speak now or be forever dead, others say. We have two ears to listen well, eyes to see what’s happening and a mouth to share our voice. Let’s use them well as if we’re leaving a legacy for our children and our next generations.

An Idyllic Place

They say rivers are a symbol of how far we’ve come and of selfless love. Its crystal waters symbolize purity. Rivers continues to flow until it reaches the ocean as its final destination. I wish that I’ll be like the rivers, pure and selfless, until I reach my own final destination. It’s an idyllic place, where happy memories happen.

To School or Not To School?

What would it look like come the opening of classes in August? Education in the New Normal has been a hot topic among parents, like me. Sending our kids to school and enlisting them for school year 2020 to 2021 is scary for some, considering that COVID-19 infection is still on the rise. Are we to take this challenging task to continue our kids’ learning or wait for another school year, when the pandemic is over?

The Little Maldives

Buntod Reef Marine Sanctuary and Sandbar ranks the Philippines’ second most resilient coral reef area in the broad scale – local scale factor. It boasts of turquoise waters, powdered beaches, big clams and colorful reefs. You would never go wrong to try snorkeling and/or scuba diving here. The relaxing, peaceful ambience offers you a restful retreat.