No Retreat, No Surrender

The life of Tatay Samuel, one of the farmers in Sto. Domingo, Albay, Bicol is undoubtedly inspiring. I featured the place on my post, Priceless Paintings because of stunning sunsets, check this link at

When he was a kid he had a polio which was the reason why he can’t stand up and walk on his two legs. Life is difficult for him because of the disease, but he’s taken this plight lightly and live contentedly. He was doubly happy when he was gifted with a wife and three children. Rice farming is his family’s source of food and income.

Everyday, he goes to the farm, crawling, under the sweltering day heat, to tend his rice field.

Tatay Samuel tending his ricefield, crawling, amidst the sweltering day heat. This photo is taken from the ABSCBN News post written by Jose Carretero in Filipino

During this pandemic, Pinoys were urged by the government to do gardening and plant vegetables as an additional source of food. Tatay Samuel was among those who were never taken aback by the pandemic. He consistently does his work as a farmer, albeit his physical limitations.

The Municipal Agriculture Office has noticed his industry and hard work and promised him to be placed in the priority list for assistance.

Life is sometimes harsh for some people. But there are those who carry and bear their burdens well, that in the end, they come out victorious from all the struggles they went through.

As for Tatay Samuel, he doesn’t let his disfigured legs limit his life. He did not excuse himself from being a responsible and loving father to his children and spouse to his wife.

Looking at the photo, against the backdrop of the majestic perfect cone, Mayon Volcano, and all the hardships life has brought forth, Tatay Samuel shy smile encourages us to move forward positively into the future.

I salute Tatay Samuel for his strength and courage to live productively. He’s armed with unwavering faith that life will be better amidst the pandemic. He’s live through well and leads by example the popular phrase, “No Retreat, No Surrender”.

Special thanks to Jose Carretero, News Reporter of ABS-CBN News. For more details, see this link,

Should you wish to extend any support to him, you may contact him at 09201268213 -Samuel Baluso.


Published by Maria Cristina Gino Baroso

Education advocate and travel lover

199 thoughts on “No Retreat, No Surrender

  1. Amazing post Maria. It just shows how much courage and resilience we can carry through such difficult circumstances, and thanks for following! 🙂

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  2. This is truly inspiring….what a beautiful being…this makes one dig deep to reach the deepest layer….where the heart resides….thx for such an amazing sharing, Maria.

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  3. When you’re a true champion and embody excellence. That is the only way in which I feel that I can describe this man. Very admirable, I doubt that I’d have that same resolve if I were in his situation.

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  4. This was really inspiring. Such posts are the need of the hour. As my eyes blurred with tears, kudos to this man who is smiling despite the hardships. And how we lose heart easily inspite of being so fortunate compared to him. 🌼

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  5. Respect to Sir Tatay Samuel🙏…his life and his courage is really so inspirational…my best wishes for his future…and Thank you so much Maria for this post…

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