Little Surprises

The Nomination to The Liebster Award and My First 1,000 Follows

Expanding my circle of friends, not just from work, home or school, but even here at WordPress, means so much to me. I always believe that true friends, who’d wish the best things happen for you, come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Yesterday, I opened not just one gift, but two! The first was handed to me by theparmigianawhisperer, a great friend, an excellent blogger, a “food historian” and so much more! Thank you so much for the nomination to The Liebster Award.

The other one is my first 1,000 follows for my site, As this is my first time having these two, I was so glad I could feel my heart jumping with joy. These little surprises are a fuel that light up my spirit, a “chicken soup” for my soul. All glory I give to our God!

  • What is your star sign?

I’m a Capricorn. I was born when everybody celebrates New Year – January 1.

  • What is your favorite season and why?

It’s the rainy season. I love all my memories with rain especially during childhood. I and some friends would go out and play under the rain, we lay our paper boats on the canals and see where they go. We ran and played, just feeling the cold and the trickle of rain on our bodies.

And at night, I would wrap my body with the comforter. I love the cold air and the sounds of the rain in the rooftop. They’re a lullaby, sending me to my sweetest dreams.

  • Favorite pizza topping?

I love Hawaiian pizza, with cheese, pineapple and ham.

  • Do you have any pets?

We have dogs at home. They’re named Kulit and Mocha.

  • If you could travel back in time, which historical period would you like to visit?

The Renaissance. It promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature and art.

  • If you could interview somebody from the past, present or future, who would you choose?

Martin Luther King, Jr. I’d ask him what would he do at this point in time.

  • If they made a musical about your life, what song would describe you best?

Just Another Woman in Love by Anne Murray. I always feel ‘trapped’ when in love.

  • Ask yourself a question and answer it.

What’s my purpose in life? To live meaningfully, not to wither and be flown away, all faded in memory. I want to leave a lasting mark, a legacy.

  • Are you happy?

Yes. I’m not smiling all the time but I’m happy within.

  • What is the craziest thing you did for love?

Trusting the one I love with a little than 100%.   Writing love letters for him which I don’t intend to give. These I keep in my secret drawer. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • What cake would you be?

Moist chocolate cake.

I nominate the following:

Her tagline, “be your own hero” says it all about her and her blog. As she described, the site is about imperfect poems, book reviews and playful words. She covers topics on nature, travel, feminism, book reviews and more. Her blogs offer fresh insights about realities.

As others say about her, “Rakhi is passionate about research and her eye for details adds a lot of value and nuances to her style of writing. Good command on the language and flexibility towards adapting new ways of telling a story enables her with the power to constantly surprise her readers.”

I was so inspired having read her blogs and her life. She’s blind, unable to walk, and wheelchair bound.  Her husband is wheelchair bound as well. Her words are so powerful that I felt my heart aches. She said, “in the midst of all the pain and suffering, and the deepest loneliness I have ever known, I found a well deep inside me that I did not know I had until I started to drink from it.”

Finding refuge from her spiritual journey, she talks about her painful experiences and getting through them all. Her life is a beautiful journey, one will be left teary eyed after reading her about information.

I love her tagline, “Cooking can be a pastime, a form of ‘art’ and an easy route to reach one’s heart”. Her blog Cooking Delight has provided a platform of her vibrant culinary discourse. Her dishes are a fusion of her creativity and innovation and a by-product of long years of experience in cooking. She offers practical tips to enhance the flavor of her dishes and make them at par with the new ones.

 Her blog, Read, Learn and Live says it all about her. Her tagline is, “look closely around and about and you will see all forms of reality, just look.” I found her posts entertaining which feature about friendships, daily life and her aspirations. I love her post on “It’s What Is It”.

Jessica is a romance author writing in different sub-genres. She writes in both English and Filipino(Taglish) language. She’s a hopeless romantic, who will forever be young at heart.

Her post on, “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” is something I can relate as I also did this during my teenage. I don’t know but I always like the phrase, “and they lived happily ever after”.

Ragazza Triste, a writer with no name. Her poems are all beautiful creations, seamlessly woven. Her newest post on ‘The Little Prince’ says it all about her writing prowess.

This is about making food exquisite, delicious and easy to cook. All her recipes include a detailed and/or step by step instructions and measurements that can be followed very easily. So, if you’re a foodie like me, you’ll constantly visit her blog.

Is all about vegetarian, plant-based recipes, nature capture photos, organic container gardening. I love most of the featured recipes, especially the smoothie. And there’s also a post on handmade beauty products which I really like.

Musings on variety of subjects while embracing new towns. My child within me is captivated by her story, ‘Once Upon A Time’. Every time I need a break from work, I would browse for stories that would relax me and tickle my imagination. Her blogs are refreshing reads after a tiring day.

Her thoughts are well-conveyed on her blogs about nature, people, understanding, culture, inspiration and so much more. Her posts on letting go are comforting words that would lighten one’s spirit.

You would be amazed by all the information on this blog. It’s anything under the sun, and you’ll be left saying, ‘Aha’, it’s right and ponder through the messages again. They’re like shorter versions of Chicken Soup for the Soul, inspiring.

My Eleven Questions

  1. What do you do first when you wake up every morning?
  2. What do you do last before you sleep at night?
  3. Who’s the first person you greet, “Good Morning” when you wake up?
  4. What do you like best, coffee or tea, and why?
  5. What do you usually offer your guests when they come visit you?
  6. How would you treat someone who has just disrespect you publicly?
  7. Did you receive a love letter or a friend’s letter? What’s your favorite line from it?
  8.  Do you believe that first love never dies?
  9. What is your personal mantra and why?
  10. If you’ll be the president for a month, what would you do to end this COVID-19 pandemic?
  11. If you’ll be a superhero, who would you be and why?

Bonus Question: How was your first blogging experience? 🙂

Thank you so much, theparmigianawhisperer and those that followed my blog! My gratitude to everyone! Muchas gracias! Salamat po!


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