Avocado Ice Cream and Buko Salad

Homemade All-Time Filipino Favorite Desserts

In 2008, while working with an International Spanish NGO, my boss, who’s Spanish, told me that they love avocados and they made salads and dips with it with olive oil, olives, greens and other spices. He was surprised when I said that in the Philippines, we make desserts out of avocados, we mix it with sugar, milk and cream and nuts. Aside from avocados, another dessert that we’re truly proud of is Buko Salad, made from young coconuts and sweetened fruits.

On Saturdays, as it’s a weekend, there should be something special in the house. And kids love desserts, so we have Buko Salad, an all-time Filipino favorite and avocado ice cream.

For Buko Salad, here are the ingredients:

450g fruit cocktail in sweet syrup, 1 cup cheese, 2 whole young coconuts (buko), 1cup condensed milk and 1 cup cream, 3 table spoons dried raisins (no photo here)

To prepare Buko Salad, you need to drain first the fruit cocktail, reserve the syrup for chiffon cake or other sweet bakes. Slice the cheese in small cubes, scrape the young coconuts and place in a small bowl. When everything’s ready, mix the fruits, young coconuts, cheese and dried raisins in a big bowl. Add in the cream and the condensed milk. Mix well and store in the freezer for at least 3 hours.

For avocado ice cream

Cut the avocado in half (around the seed), take off the seed, and scoop out the avocado flesh from the peel. Place them in a bowl. Gently mash them until the desired consistency. Add in 2 cups mashed avocado, 1 cup heavy/full cream, and half cup condensed milk. Add more cream and condensed milk if desired. Mix them well. Transfer the mixture in a smaller container and store inside the freezer for 5-8 hours. You may add cheese for a more delicious taste.

For a delicious, creamy, sweet Sundate with the family, you may try Pinoy’s Buko Salad and Avocado Ice Cream as desserts. Certainly, there are more to avocados aside from salads and dips… 🙂

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